School structure

CISA has two school divisions. 1. The Early Year’s School: This is made up of Crèche through to Pre-Primary School. 2. The Primary School is made up of Primary 1 through Primary 6. The overall senior administrator of the School is the Head of School (HOS), followed by Head of Administration (HOA). Each School division […]

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The homeroom teachers provide care to their pupils. There is a daily assigned homeroom/registration time for guidance, counseling and advice.. In addition, the teachers are also available before, after school, at break and at lunch times. Medical matters can and should be addressed with the school nurse and any very serious academic or behavioral problems […]

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2020/2021 School Calendar

October, 2020 Week 1:  Resumption Week Monday 12, October 2020 :     Pupils Resumption: Topic:        Core Value of CIS/ Orientation Tuesday 13, October 2020:       Class inspection/ Assembly Wednesday 14, October 2020:     Class PE and Pre-Unit Assessment Thursday 15, October 2020:   Class inspection/ Assembly Friday 16, October 2020:         CIS Value Tree and Entry Point.   Week […]

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